Cheryl Bower


Cheryl is the fiercely passionate creator of Voices Rock Canada and VRC Ensemble. Her drive, energy and positive attitude have made VRC a success from the initial pilot project in April, 2016.

Cheryl is a life-long musical enthusiast and has done extensive charitable fundraising in service to children, which include The Hospital for Sick Children, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital and Toronto Children’s Breakfast Programs.

She has taken part in numerous stage and music projects over the past 35 years, including appearing on stage as a soloist at Koerner Hall (Toronto) and Carnegie Hall (New York, New York).

Cheryl has a keen understanding of the benefits of music in people’s lives. She strongly believes in the power of music and the building of communities. Her motto for Voices Rock Canada is “Creating musical communities, one note, one song and one person at a time.”