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Sing songs you love. Make new friends.

Perform at our end-of-season concert.

Our Locations

VRC Ensemble holds weekly rehearsals.

Our Summer Concert is booked at the fabulous Glenn Gould Studio in downtown Toronto!
SAVE THE DATE:  JUNE 9, 2019 (more details to come)

We are open to new singers age 18+. Visit our youth choir website for student programs.

VRC Ensemble

About Us

A fun and lively environment for grown-ups to hang out, sing out, and harmonize together, culminating in an end of season concert. We present a relaxed atmosphere, while learning and enjoying Rock and Pop music.

VRC Ensemble is for you if:

  • you want to express your inner voice in a community setting of like-minded people
  • you want a relaxed group filled with music, fun, laughter and joy
  • you want a choir that balances individuality and collaboration, group dynamics and discipline while letting loose with rockin’ out!

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VRC Ensemble is a warm and welcoming space to explore your creative voice and make new friends.

Events Calendar

Cost: $25
Voices Rock Canada presents VRC Ensemble (Rosedale) in #VRCUnplugged! For more information or tickets, email info@VoicesRockCanada.com


What our singers say

Sherry Jacoby

Being a member of VRC Ensemble has been an incredible experience. Anthony's musical expertise and positive energy inspires me to reach new heights as a singer and performer.

Heather Harris

VRC Ensemble not only has allowed me the opportunity to sing fun and fantastic rock arrangements with a professional rock band, it has also blessed me with the chance to spend time with and work with so many talented and lovely people. Our brilliant director, Anthony Bastianon, draws the best from us, as a group, but also individually. He inspires us to push ourselves, and as a result, we really rock.

Caroline Craig

It's a joy to be part of VRC Ensemble. Anthony's professional approach to everything is a huge reason for that: the repertoire he sets, his arrangements, and rehearsals that push us toward precision and better vocal technique each week. We work, and it's such fun. I leave each week on a bit of a high! It's been a thrill to experience it all come together at concert time when we share the stage with professional rock musicians.

Kim Stone

I have learned so much about how to properly use my singing voice, whether it be in a choral, duet, or solo setting through the professionalism and leadership of our Artistic Director Anthony Bastianon and our founder, Cheryl Bower. The musical and choral arrangements are stellar and have covered many genres, including pop and rock songs from different eras.

Justin Thouin

VRC is so different from anything else I do in my life, and the experience has been energizing, challenging, and a lot of fun! The dedication and preparation by Anthony and Cheryl is evident at every practice and event and they have put together a program that is first class and phenomenal!

Our Leadership

Meet Our Team

Our team is here to encourage and support our singers.

Anthony Bastianon

Artistic Director

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